Podcast Directories – Are They Worth Submitting To?

If you have started a podcast, and are hoping to get back links to your show, or help get discovered, you may have come across the idea to list yourself in podcast directories. Nearly anybody can set up a podcast, but getting site visitors can be difficult. As a result, podcasters can submit their feeds to the podcast directory sites to gain visitors. Is this beneficial, or does this strategy work?

What Are Podcast Directories For?

A podcast directory is a listing of syndication feeds that link to a podcast. They are typically coordinated by group or subject, and also allow the individual to find a podcast that pertains to just about everything and everything. Just as blog search directories help individuals find internet sites and blogs with the topics they are looking, a podcast directory site offers a searchable list of podcasts individuals can subscribe to in like manner. Users might also have the ability to obtain the accessible episodes from within the web site itself.

However, unlike a lot of search engines, though, a podcast directory site seldom gives you immediate results with simple searches or the subject matter by itself. All the feeds are either contributed by individuals who are attempting to help people locate or discover their podcast.

Considering that it’s so effortless to make a podcast, a podcast directory often uses means to split the excellent feeds from the ones people do not like as much. A directory site might have a ranking system, or allow certain special features on the home page, or even allow website visitors to comment with their thoughts on a feed.

Website visitors to a podcast directory can easily thereby bring their very own podcasts, search for various themes or subjects that interest them, as well as even discuss those they want or object to.

Are They Effective For Being Discovered?

In my personal opinion? Not really.

First, you have to ask yourself how likely you think the audience you’re aiming for is likely to visit a podcast directory in order to discover content. With the large size and quantity of options available to them, you need to do something to stand out. If you’re original and have a brilliant title, excellent logo and other things to stand out amidst the myriad of other podcasters in your niche, then go for it. But if not, you’re basically going to drown in the sea of other competitors.

You’re better of aiming for word of mouth and sharing with any mailing lists of social media networks you’re on, and encourage your fan base to share. I’ve seen the snowballing effect of this. Use other websites or offline advertising you have at your disposal to create awareness of your brand.

Podcast directories won’t really help get new users to discover your podcast, but can possibly help with your feed site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and provide you a safe way to get a lot of back to your site, helping possible new searchers in Google, and Yahoo and other engines discover your podcast for other reasons based on searches they may already looking for.

Otherwise, I’m not so sure podcast directories are effective ways of being discovered in a very direct way. They just provide you back links to your site to get started.

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